Contact the SBAU
AU Officers:
President - Jerry Wilson
E-mail -
Vice President - Adrian Lopez
E-mail -
Secretary - Adrian Conrad
E-mail -
Treasurer - Colin Taylor  
E-mail -
Appointed Positions:
Outreach Coordinator - Chuck McPartlin  964-8201
E-mail -
Newsletter Editor - Tom Whittemore.   
E-mail -
Equipment Coordinator - Art Harris.  
E-mail -
Refreshments Coordinator - Tom Totton
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Webmaster - Paul Winn.   
E-mail -
SBMNH Astronomy Programs Manager.  
Javier Rivera   682-4711   x173


Want to Join the SBAU Club

Annual Membership rates are:
Single-$20, family-$25, Organizations-$30

Here is how you can become a member: Come to a club meeting and join in person.  See our Calendar for meeting times.
We Meet at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in Farrand Hall.  You can fill out this
hand the completed form and dues to any AU officer at any AU event.
Requires Adobe Reader

Make Checks payable to:
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History" or "SBMNH"

Thank you for your membership!
You can also mail your completed form and check to:

Astronomical Unit
2559 Puesta Del Sol Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105-2998

Duties of the AU Officers

>> Note  See AU Newsletter for list of current officers and appointed positions


Provides leadership and presides at AU meetings.

Has general charge of the business and other affairs of the AU.

Works with planning group to set goals and organize programs and observations.

Directs an ongoing review and update of the AU’s programs and goals.

Coordinates with Secretary to ensure publicity for AU events.

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position: 8 hours.

Vice President

Assists and stands in for the President.

Coordinates monthly speakers.

Chairs the nominating committee, which compiles an annual slate of nominees for AU Officer positions, and recommendations to the AU President for any vacant Appointed positions (see next page for AU Appointed position descriptions).

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position:  6 hours.

(Note: this position comes with a “How-to” manual

Records minutes of meetings, and coordinates with President to preserve notes taken.

 Collects and sorts the mail, including general correspondence (this can be coordinated with the Treasurer).

 Maintains a current membership roster, and coordinates in publishing periodic directory.

Assists the Newsletter Editor by providing address labels of the membership and helping to prepare newsletters for monthly mailings.

Coordinates with SBMNH Astronomy Programs Manager to ensure publicity for AU events, and makes sure President knows.

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position:  7 hours.


Receives all dues and other money and keeps proper records of monetary transactions.

Initiates payment orders (“ PO ’s”) to SBMNH for timely payment of expenses (example:  monthly Grayphics invoice from AU Newsletter Editor).

Manages petty cash fund.

Orders annual Astronomy calendars for selling to AU members.

Presents an account of the financial condition of the AU at least annually.

Ensures money is deposited and any information of new or renewing members is given to the Secretary before the next newsletter is mailed.

Schedules people to be greeters and to handle receipt of fees at SBMNH Star Parties.

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position:  8 hours.

>> See below for list of descriptions for the AU Appointed positions. These are positions appointed by the AU President, as needed; these are elected positions.

AU  Appointed  Positions (NOT elected positions)

** Not required, but highly recommended:e-mail address used on regular basis **

Equipment Coordinator

Maintains AU equipment inventory, and makes sure that any repairs are done.

Accepts equipment donations and ensures that AU official thank-you letter (which shows the tax identification number of SBMNH) is mailed to the donor on a timely basis.

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position: 6 hours.

Newsletter Editor

Creates monthly newsletter, by writing and/or coordinating member-written articles and outreach information.

Publishes monthly newsletter (currently, via e-mail download to “Grayphics”).

Mails and e-mails monthly newsletter to reach members at least one week before first Friday.

Works with Secretary to receive current mailing list and labels, and assistance in mailing.

Coordinates with Webmaster to ensure most current information is on AU web site.

Receives monthly invoice from Grayphics, and makes sure to give to AU Treasurer for payment on timely basis.

Required: access to a computer with Internet.

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position: 8 hours.

Outreach Coordinator

Receives and returns phone calls, pages, and e-mails of prospective customers.

Maintains list of contacts, and an e-mail and a phone list of potential AU volunteers.

Organizes and updates calendar of outreach events, and sends monthly e-mails of current events.

Arranges for volunteers and equipment, and notifies of any changes or cancellations.

Keeps track of volunteers and attendance, notifying the SBMNH Astronomy Programs Manager, AU Officers, and Newsletter Editor.

Notifies Newsletter Editor and Webmaster of events.

Produces handouts for events, containing club and current astronomical information.

Posts a list of upcoming events at monthly meetings.

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position:  12 hours.

Refreshments Coordinator
(Note: this position comes with a “How-to” manual)

Organizes volunteers to provide refreshments at monthly meetings, and sends follow-up reminders prior to meeting and notes of thanks after the meeting (with original receipts, you can receive reimbursement for postage stamps and thank-you cards, and your volunteers can receive up to $30 in reimbursement for refreshments).

Comes to monthly meetings to help set-up before meeting and clean-up after (or if not able to come, contacts AU Officer as substitute).

Coordinates sign-ups for the potlucks in June and at the annual camp-out.

Oversees annual Holiday Party details:  where, when, how much, who is going, etc.

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position: 6 hours


Constructs, maintains, and is in charge of AU web site.

Coordinates with Newsletter Editor to have most current newsletter as a link.

Works with AU Officers and SBMNH Astronomy Programs Manager if any changes to website URL are made (since SBMNH uses AU website as a link from the Museum’s website).

Average minimum time per month you may need for this position:  5 hours.