We are conducting a study of science hobbyists as part of a National Science Foundation Grant.  We need your help getting the request to participate out to your organization.

 Would you be willing to either send the study information below to the members of your hobby organization (via email or newsletter) or post it on your website?

 If you are willing to send this information to your membership, please respond to this email and let us know. Studies like this one would not be possible without the kindness of people like you to help us with recruitment.

 If you have any questions about this study, please read the below information and feel free to contact me for further details.


Elysa Corin

Research Assistant


Dr. Gail Jones


Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics Education Department

North Carolina State University



Are you a science hobbyist?


We need your help with a new National Science Foundation sponsored research study that will investigate the characteristics and educational experiences of people who are active in science hobbies. More and more people are engaging in science hobbies; schools and science centers would like to know more about the characteristics of science hobbyists and how these organizations might better support hobbyists networking and education.


What will happen if you take part in the study?


The information gained from this research can help science educators and researchers understand how to better teach science in schools and museums, and how to design better community-based science programs. Participation in this study is voluntary. Information you provide will be anonymous. If you complete the survey, you may elect to enter a drawing for a $100 Target gift card.


Please read the consent letter below and when you are ready to complete the survey click on this link

Survey Link: http://ncsu.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_7OOsR9G0Pkp5I2N