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Astro-Vaganza!! Saturday SEPTEMBER 12

August 2015 Newsletter, September 2015 Newsletter

"SBAU general meeting, Friday, September 4th, 2015 :
"On a Giant Sphere, Looking Out and Looking Into Other Worlds using Earth's Largest Telescopes"

Topic: The electromagnetic field currently surrounding you has a component in it that was contributed from a planet orbiting a distant Sun (assuming you are outside, of course). Come see what happens when this light is captured by one of the world's most advanced ground-based optical and infrared telescope, the Gemini Planet Imager. We'll also discuss how a key technology to this telescope, Adaptive Optics, has influenced the design of the exciting Thirty Meter Telescope. 

Bio: Andy Norton is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University, where he is working on Adaptive Optics for the Gemini Planet Imager and AO techniques for Biological applications and future high-contrast imaging systems. He is thrilled to be invited back to join the SBAU for another fun discussion!


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SBAU Telescope Workshop Every Tuesday 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Tuesday Dec 23rd there will be no meeting. See you on 12/30

"Want to learn how to make your own telescope or learn more about astrophotography?  Well, the SBAU has a Telescope Workshop!  At the Telescope Workshop, we cover construction techniques for mirrors and telescopes, but also optics, cameras, and image processing software discussions.  We encourage novice astronomers to come, ask questions, and even build, while  advanced members are re-invited to attend if they want to discuss telescope issues not covered at the monthly meetings or just to help out. Check out for a sample of past weekly Tuesday night sessions at the Broder Building at the Museum of Natural History."

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Register NOW at . The Public is more than welcome, start or join a conversation with Santa Barbara area astronomy & telescope club members. (read your comments out loud before sending and see if your mother would approve)!" 

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